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ZONESTAR ZM3E4 32-bits 3D Printer Control Board Motherboard Support 8 Steeper Motors

ZONESTAR ZM3E4 32-bits 3D Printer Control Board Motherboard Support 8 Steeper Motors

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ZM3E4 1x ZM3E4V2.1 32-bits control board
ZM3E4 with 8xTMC2208 1x ZM3E4V2.1 + 8x TMC2208 Stepper Motor Drivers
ZM3E4 with 8xTMC2209 1x ZM3E4V2.1 + 8x TMC2209 Stepper Motor Drivers
ZM3E4 with 8xTMC2225 1x ZM3E4V2.1 + 8x TMC2225 Stepper Motor Drivers



ZM3E4 is ZONESTAR's latest 32bits 3D printer control board. It is a feature rich electronics solution for Reprap and other CNC devices.  It built in a STM32F103VET6* MCU on board, which has 256K Flash ROM and 48K RAM, working frequency is as high as 72MHz. ZM3E4 used 4 layers of circuit boards, which has better heat dissipation effect and anti electromagnetic interference capability and reliability. ZM3E4 has 8 motor driver module sokect, it can support up to 5 extruders.  Default it supplied with a test frimware and you can upload own firmware from SD card.


  • Build-in STM32F103FVET6* 32bits MCU, 72MHz working frequency.
  • 4-layer circuit board.
  • Support 8 stepper motor drivers;
  • Support 2 Independent z-axis drivers with ENDSTOPs.
  • Support WiFi and TFT-LCD control Panel.
  • Bed Levling Sensor interface for Proximity Sensor and BL-Touch
  • Support "Printing Finish Power Down" Feature (Need to connect an extral Power UP button).
  • Build-in Laser control connnetor.
  • 3x FUSEs for HOT BED and DC IN.
  • 8x FUSEs for motor driver module.
  • 4x External servo interface, with hardware PWM capability (one of them is multiplexed with FAN1).
  • 3x temperature ADC connectors for thermistors.
  • 2x Fan control connectors.
  • 5x PWM capable power mosfet outputs with voltage selector for MainPower.(Bed, Extruder0, Extruder1, Fans).
  • 6x endstop connectors with filter capacitor and the pull-up resistor on the board.
  • For X, Y, Z, Z2 motor connector, it also provides five 6 PIN(PH2.0-6PIN) connectors which combined motors wires and limit switchs wires, to make wiring easier. 

*NOTEDue to the shortage of chips, we may replace the MCU with a fully compatible chips without notice, DO NOT BUY if you mind it. 



  • Total of current of stepper motors should be less than 6A.
  • Current of HOTBED should be less than 10A.
  • Current of HOTENDs should be less than 5A.
  • Take care the direction when you plug in the motor driver modules, incorrect direction may burn ZM3E4!
  • Default we uploaded a testing firmware to the control board, if you have any other requirement, please leave message to us.
  • The latest version is V2.1, which is fully compatible with previous versions.

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