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3D Touch BLTouch Bed Auto Leveling Sensor For 3D Printers

3D Touch BLTouch Bed Auto Leveling Sensor For 3D Printers

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3DTouch is an auto leveling sensor for 3D Printers that can precisely measure the tilt of your print surface. It can greatly improve the printing precision of your 3D Printer.

3DTouch features simple, smart and precise. It could work with nearly any kind of bed materials, such as glasses, woods, metals and so on.

The main functions and controls of 3DTouch are the same as most auto bed leveling sensors, which consists of a RC servo and a micro switch, thus, 3DTouch can be used on almost every 3D printer control board. 

By using progressively designed solenoid and hall sensor, 3DTouch can integrate high precision in such a simple structure. To make it more user-friendly and to bring you more enjoyable printing experience we add many smart functions such as self-test, false alarm, alarm release and test mode for M119.

User guide:


  • Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 15mA
  • Max. Current: 300mA
  • Cable length: 150mm
  • Net Weight: 10g
  • Shipping weight: 50g


  • 3-PIN (Probe Servo): Brown (GND)/Red (+5V)/Yellow(PWM)
  • 2-PIN (Probe Sensing): Black (GND)/White (Sensor)


Package List

  • 1x 3DTouch Auto leveling sensor     
  • 1x  3Pin Straight Pin
  • 1x 2Pin Straight Pin
  • Screws & Nuts 

Operate Condition

3D Touch can be operated in the following condition.

One I/O for control (Hardware PWM or Software PWM)

One I/O for Z Probe sensing (or connect to Z min ENDSTOP)

GND and +5V power

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